Monday, 24 January 2011


This is a #wander from last summer, as you’ll quickly see since there’s a photo of Ben in here somewhere. Forres is a small town about thirty miles east of Inverness.

DSCF1897There’s lots of stone and impressive monuments on show here. That’s the Tolbooth at the back, and the forty foot high Mercat Cross in front of it. This 1844 structure was erected around the original and the old Mercat Cross of Forres is now at its heart. In the foreground is a streetlamp, showing the effects of the prevailing winds in the High Street.




Also on the High Street is the RBS buiding, which features a tree growing out of the roof.




They don’t make churches like this any more – wonderful carving and impressive stone on the High Street. A plaque notes that the building was used as an Auxiliary Hospital in the Great War.





Across the road we bought chips from Miele’s, which were really good. Ben liked them too.





At first glance, Sheena’s Women’s Lingerie doesn’t seem too interesting (other than the obvious lingerie). Look closely at the chimney, though (pic below), and you’ll see inscribed Dscf1909there two names and a date – “John Young, Marg Elder, 1778”. I’ve tried to find out more on t’internet, but failed. Anybody got any info?

Next up, the spectacular St Laurence Church (photo below) stands on a site which has been used for Christian worship since the middle of the 13th century, when Scots King Alexander III erected a chapel in honour of St Laurence as a memorial to his late wife Margaret. The present building is relatively modern. Its foundation stone was laid on 17th August 1904 and the building was first opened for worship on 28th February 1906DSCF1920

Dscf1917Finally, because I’m a filthy-minded 13-year-old at heart, I couldn’t resist posting a photograph of the street opposite the church, simply because of it’s name. Click on the picture for a closer look – (it’s “Cumming Street” fnarr)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Here’s just a few photos from our #wander round Lancaster while Wombette Major was being interviewed, to go with the previous Lancaster #Wander. Hopefully this will flex my blogging muscles, and a few more will follow shortly.


I have no idea what this house (the one on the left)is up one of the back streets of Lancaster, but I did enjoy the crenellations, the arched windows, and the creeping ivy. Shame about the traffic cones in the front garden, but I suppose they keep the vans away. And yes, that’s @little_mavis wandering past.



Here’s another impressive pile, the Girls Grammar School. They don’t build ‘em like that any more, do they? Impressive pillars, and sweeping steps leading up to the front door.


IMAG0059This photograph shows Penny’s Hospital Almshouses, which are opposite the indoor market, and were built under the will of William Penny in 1720 to provide homes for twelve old people, and included a chapel at the end of the courtyard. In 1974 they were restored and modernised, and are now serving their original purpose again. An inscription above the chapel door reads “FORGET NOT THE CONGREGATION OF THY POOR”



Carving and inscription above the door of Windermere House – “This school was rebuilt and ???? by the bounty of R. Newsham Esq. of Preston…. 1849”. The babe on the left is rather attractive, and jutting her hip in a suggestive manner. Or is that just me being a pervy old git?





I couldn’t resist including an alley, since Thom likes them so much. This one leads to the enticing Whaletail Café and a shop selling organic produce




And finally – not really a true Wander-type shot, but I couldn’t resist the thought that Poundworld (where everything costs just a pound) were having a Sale. As if they needed to!